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SayNuttin is a fresh new streetwear brand for the youth. We deal only in quality design and products. When it comes to the street, SayNuttin is guaranteed to make you stand out. Everyone is different and unique - so are our designs. We keep things moving constantly by offering new designs that are part of a limited collection, so if you see a SayNuttin design you won't see it again. Every item is exclusive and made from high-quality materials. But getting the freshest gear doesn't mean you have to split with your sweet cash so that stepping up your game is easy 

So when they ask what you're wearing - Say Nuttin. 


SayNuttin was founded by Ali Qureshi at the age of 12 years old from his bedroom in Derby in 2019. In the summer of 2018, Ali was sitting in his room deciding what he wanted his future to look like, and he concluded that he wanted to grow up to become and become an entrepreneur. Growing up Ali had always had an entrepreneurial spark such as selling football cards at the age of 9 years old and washing cars and selling sweets at the age of 10. So, during the summer of 2018, he spent all his time deciding what venture he should start first and after watching many YouTube videos he made the decision to start a streetwear brand. SayNuttin first launched on January the 1st 2019 and within the first month, they had only 3 sales.


Fast forward to 2022 SayNuttin has grown to 40,000 Tiktok followers and has been featured in The Derby Telegraph and BBC Radio and is continuing to grow exponentially.


Last Updated 8/1/2022